Somewhere deep below the ocean 
far bellow any lights reach
there is a noisy cave
but you wouldnt know it if you were to stand next to its craggy maw

for this cave has been cursed so no sound may leave
every whisper and sigh bounces for enternity 
off of its slimy lichenous walls 

since most living creatures rely on sound 
it is said to be very disorienting 

the walls and floors seems to shift and spin around you 
caverns become kelp
you lose track of up and down 

some believe that once you truly lose yourself in the depths
once you forget about the outside world
and you cannot remember the feeling of silence 
you come across the only creature native to these caves

a pale and sickly pygmy 
almost translucent around its edges 
it almost seems to give off a slight glow 
a sickly incadesence that shines through its pallor